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The War Dead of Canada

The 110,358 war dead of Canada are commemorated in 75 countries around the world. Outside Canada, the countries in which the largest numbers of Canadian war dead are commemorated are France (47,500), Belgium (15,800), the United Kingdom (12,700), Italy (5,700) and the Netherlands (5,700). There are 2,837 CWGC locations in Canada where 18,440 Commonwealth War Dead are commemorated by name.

Like most Commonwealth countries, Canada remembers its war dead on Remembrance Day, the 11th of November. Canada's site for National Remembrance is the National War Memorial (also known as The Response) in Ottawa.            

Newfoundland was a full and equal member of the Commission until it became Canada's tenth province in 1949, when its status as a separate Dominion ceased.

CWGC Canada Agency

The Canadian Agency of the Commission is responsible for fulfilling the Charter tasks in the Americas (including the Caribbean). This includes the care of 20,400 War Dead commemorated in 3,350 cemeteries and on ten memorials.


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