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The War Dead of India

The forces of undivided India, including Gurkha regiments, played a significant part in both world wars, and her 160,000 war dead are buried and commemorated in 50 countries. India's volunteer army suffered the heaviest losses, but other branches of the Indian services also played their part. In accordance with the requirements of their faith, most Hindu and Sikh servicemen who died are commemorated on special cremation memorials erected in many of the war cemeteries, while the graves of most of the Muslim casualties are marked by headstones. The names of those servicemen who have no known grave are inscribed on memorials to the missing in the main campaign areas.

The Commitment in India

More than 62,000 Commonwealth war dead of the two world wars are commemorated by the Commission in India. The cemeteries and memorials are maintained by locally engaged staff under the management of two group supervisors. One based at Kohima War Cemetery is responsible for the sites in North East India and the other, based at Delhi War Cemetery, for all the others. Also based in Delhi is the Commission's Honorary Liaison Officer, who acts as a line of communication between the Commission and the Indian government.

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