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New Zealand

The War Dead of New Zealand

The total number of New Zealand war dead of the two world wars commemorated by the Commission is 29,983. The countries in which the largest number of New Zealand war dead are commemorated are France (7,778), Belgium (4,711) and Turkey (2,358) mainly from the First World War and Egypt (2,924), Italy (2,157) and Greece (1,148) from the Second World War.

New Zealand casualties of the two World Wars buried in New Zealand number 2,908 in a total of 433 sites throughout the country. In addition, a total of 570 casualties of both World Wars with no known grave are commemorated on the Auckland Memorial in Devonport and on provincial memorials in Auckland, Christchurch, Dunedin and Wellington. The war graves and memorials in New Zealand are cared for by and at the expense of the New Zealand Government through its Ministry for Culture and Heritage. Apart from Remembrance Day on 11 November, New Zealand also remembers its war dead on ANZAC Day, 25 April. The site of National Remembrance is the New Zealand National War Memorial in Wellington.

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