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How can I support the CWGC?

How can I support the Commonwealth War Graves Commission?


We often receive requests from the public offering to help us to clean local war graves. Whilst we acknowledge and appreciate the offers of practical help, we do not encourage any individuals to carry out maintenance work on our plots or headstones.

The CWGC has over 1300 staff in the UK and overseas whose job it is to inspect, clean and maintain our war graves and to ensure that our headstones are legible and accessible. Our headstones are also treated with a masonry biocide every two to three years to keep them free from algae and lichen. Sometimes inclement weather causes them to discolour more quickly and we are always grateful to know when this has happened. The CWGC also has a rolling headstone replacement programme, currently running at 22,000 per year to replace headstones which are no longer physically intact or where the inscription is difficult to read.

We very much welcome public interest in our sites and would like to encourage more people to visit in order to gain a greater understanding of the scale and magnitude of both world wars and to find out who is buried in our war graves, how they got there, and some of their personal stories. We also offer website search facilities and a range of educational materials and our Education, 14-18 Events and Enquiries teams are delighted to assist and support schools and local communities.