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Our Work Today

We care for our cemeteries as a whole, so that conservation or reconstruction can and often does involve teams from different disciplines: horticulture, headstone carving and manufacture, and the architectural maintenance teams.  The cemeteries are the sum of their individual parts and it is teamwork at all levels that helps to maintain their overall appearance.

Even the most durable materials require maintenance - especially when they are used in constructions that are nearly 100 years old. Climate change, pollution and vandalism all take their toll on our architecture.  Conservation and maintenance is an ongoing task.  Structural renovation projects can involve anything from reroofing buildings to devising new access or drainage systems, while headstones, memorials and sculptures are kept in good order by a regular cycle of maintenance. To ensure quality materials and craftsmanship remain a priority, the Commission employs specialist masons and runs its own workshops where many of the replacement headstones are made.

In 2009 the Commission's architect, Barry Edwards, was asked to construct a brand new cemetery at Fromelles to take the remains of 250 Australian and British servicemen who had lost their lives in the Battles of Fromelles in July 1916.