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95 Years of Gardening Excellence

From the petrol powered lawn mowers first introduced in our cemeteries in the 1920s to microfibers in turf, which we are experimenting with for a more durable surface, the Commission has always been at the cutting edge of innovation.  Mechanical edge-trimmers, hedge cutters, leaf sweepers, gang mowers and fertiliser and compost distributors followed the early developments.  Some machinery has been specifically designed and adapted to suit our requirements, and much of the modern machinery that benefits the domestic gardener was developed in consultation with manufacturers for us.

Our gardeners take great pride in the high standards they set themselves for maintenance but also display.  Gardening is a creative process and our cemeteries are deservedly celebrated not only for their architecture but for their horticultural splendour.  Our planting routines have been tried and tested so that the perfect mix of beauty, longevity of flowering and durability means that the cemeteries always have something of interest to show the visitor.

Our experience helps when we are faced with extreme conditions or unexpected occurrences, such as floods as a result of monsoon rains at Kirkee (India) or wild boar damage in Berlin.