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Climate Change

As one of the world's leading horticultural organizations we are aware of the potential threat to our work and to wider society posed by climate change.  We take the view that we have to start acting proactively to consider what climate change will mean in terms of our future.  We have to look at the challenges, not just of water shortage but of what pests and diseases we might have to contend with in the future. 

Our policy has always been one of sustainability, recycling and minimising our impact on the environment.  We will continue to develop our ideas and see how we practically employ in the cemeteries the breadth and wealth of horticultural experience we already have as an organisation but also think about how might the public react to changes.

To this end we have undertaken an experiment to demonstrate the possible adaptations to climate change the Commission might employ.  Two cemeteries in France and two in Belgium have been chosen reflecting the fact that the majority of our cemeteries and memorials are in northern Europe.

For more information on this experiment and details on our climate change policy please click here.