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Thursday 21st May to Sunday 24th May: CWGC will be on the Princess Elizabeth, the original paddle steamer that was involved in Operation Dynamo and is moored in the harbour. We have an exhibition demonstrating the work of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. There's also the opportunity to meet some of our staff, ask us questions and search for casualties as well as array of free information leaflets.  View our Dunkirk leaflet here.

Friday 22nd May 3:30pm: Commemorative ceremony at the CWGC Dunkirk Memorial  and Town Cemetery.

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CWGC Items if Interests

Dash to the Sea

Short Precis of the Belgian Evacuation by R. Haworth. Deputy Controller, Imperial War Graves Commission, BELGIUM. 

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CWGC Items if Interests

Dunkirk Remembrance Ceremony

To commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the Dunkirk evacuation, live coverage of the remembrance ceremony from the CWGC Dunkirk Memorial will be available on Friday 22nd May 2015 at 14.25 (BST)

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