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The Battle of Jutland

The Battle of Jutland was one of the defining events of the First World War. Fought by vast British and German fleets off the coast of Denmark between 31 May and 1 June 1916, it was the greatest naval battle of the conflict.

More than 100,000 men - serving aboard 250 ships - fought at Jutland. Over a few brutal hours, some 8,500 would lose their lives. The battle did not result in a decisive victory for either side, but had far-reaching implications which helped to decide the outcome of the war.

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission commemorates more than 6,000 sailors of the Royal Navy who lost their lives in the battle: from war graves across the United Kingdom and Scandinavia, to great memorials along the coastlines inscribed with the names of thousands of sailors who have no grave but the sea.