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During the First World War, soldiers of the Indian Army fought alongside the British Expeditionary Force on the Western Front including in the Battle of Neuve Chapelle.  They came from what today would be India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, parts of Myanmar (Burma) and Nepal.

Some of these courageous men were given the highest gallantry award available to British and Commonwealth servicemen - the Victoria Cross. Winners include:

1. Sepoy Khudadad Khan
2. Darwan Singh Negi
3. Mir Dast
4. Gobar Sing Negi (commemorated at Neuve Chapelle Memorial, France)
5. Gobind Singh
6. William Bruce (commemorated at Neuve Chapelle Memorial, France)
7. Frank de Pass
8. Sir John Smyth, 1st Baronet
9. Kulbir Thapa

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Anglo-Indian Army Slang

British people who lived or served in India often assimilated Hindi and Urdu words into their daily conversations.  The First World War helped disseminate these throughout British and Empire forces.

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India's Role

India's role in the First World War

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