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Welcome to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission website!

We commemorate the 1,700,000 men and women of the Commonwealth forces who died in the two world wars.

Our cemeteries, burial plots and memorials are a lasting tribute to those who died in some 154 countries across the world.

Our Register records details of Commonwealth war dead so that graves or names on memorials can be located.

Find out more about the scope of our organisation today by clicking on the links above.

We are sometimes approached by members of the public who wish to support our work. If you wish to make a contribution, you can use our PayPal account below to do so.

Centenary Commemorations

The Battle of

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The Battle of the

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‘Thus everything here seems to bring us to worship and to remembrance on this table-land of Thiepval; yesterday a vast charnel house, today a place of pilgrimage and meditation, where the souls of those who perished hover’

Address of the President of The French Republic, Albert François Lebrun, at the unveiling of the Thiepval Memorial to the Missing of the Somme, 1 August 1932.

‘The Battle of the Somme’


News Stories

CWGC marks the Centenary of the Siege of Kut


The CWGC will remember the centenary of the end of the four-month siege of Kut on 29 April, one of the most infamous defeats suffered by British Empire forces in the First World War.

News Stories

Marking the Easter Rising


Sunday, April 24 marks the 100th anniversary, to the very day, when the Easter Rising began in Dublin, Ireland.

Latest Cemetery Information


Due to private events taking place on the morning of the 1 July access may be limited on the day.


Due to private events taking place on the morning of the 1 July access may be limited on the day.

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