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Hitting Home

Particular thanks to:

Jessie Chisholm at the Provincial Archives of Newfoundland and Labrador for all her help, and to the archives for the images of St. John’s

Kevin Jordan at Glenwood High School, Durban at for all his help and to the school for the images.

Jimmy and Dave James at for all their help
with Cheltenham

Marjorie Williams – Horace Iles’ niece

Jean Wilson – Jack Banks’ sister

And thanks to:

Coventry Central Library []
for the three pictures of Coventry

Rob Ruggenberg at The Heritage of the Great War for the following pictures:

  • Nurse tending soldiers
  • Belgian Orphans 1917
  • My dad’s at the front
  • Devastated by war – Ypres

Ceris Schrader at for the story of Charlotte Fullman

Tom Morgan at Hellfire Corner where Charlotte Fullman’s story appeared

Len Smith at for information about the Coventry blitz

Chris Studman at for information about Coventry

The South African All At Sea Network at for the story of Perla Siedle Gibson

The Government of Newfoundland and Labrador at
for the image

Simon Godley at for the caribou!

Visit Cheltenham at for the map

Graham Sacker for the Leaving Cheltenham photo

Wikipedia at for the aerial
images of Passchendaele

Terry Burton of the Normandy Veterans Association (95th Barnet Branch) for all his help with the story of Jack Banks.

Author - Caroline Coxon

Unless otherwise stated, the images in this section are the property of the CWGC.

Every effort has been made to acknowledge each individual and organisation that has contributed material so generously, and to cite sources accurately. If there are any omissions or errors please don't hesitate to inform us at and amendments will be made as soon as possible to the website.

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