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Hugh Gordon Langton

Hugh Gordon Langton was an exceptionally gifted violinist who, before the First World War, studied under some of the best teachers in Europe (Wirth, Auer and Sevcik.) Sadly his name won't be familiar to you because he was killed at Passchendaele in 1917 before he had a chance to achieve international fame.

Hugh Gordon Langton's Father

He is commemorated by the CWGC at Poelcapelle British Cemetery. Apart from the details that exist on the CWGC database, we know very little about Hugh Gordon Langton except that his father was devastated by the loss of his dear son, became ill himself and died exactly a week after the First World War ended.

Langton Family Crest
The family motto seen here means
'The long day needs its night.'

Hugh Gordon Langton Headstone - Click here to view a larger image

The musical inscription seen here on his headstone is the only one that exists amongst all the memorials tended by the Commission worldwide. The origin of these few notes remained something of a mystery for a long time and many people tried to find out exactly where they came from. Not long ago, a clever member of the CWGC staff came up with a possible answer. She identified the notes as coming from an old American song called 'After the Ball. See what you think.


Cover of After the Ball songsheet

Your Turn!

Look at the inscription on the headstone and see if you can find the phrase in the song.

You will need to enlarge the score in order to do this exercise.

Musical notes on headstone

After the Ball chorus page -  Click here to view a larger image - This will open a new pop up window


Which words do you think correspond to the notes?


Why do you think were they used?

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