Remember me - echoes from the lost generations
First World War

Horace Iles

Horace Iles is the young lad featured in One Boy. Marjorie is his niece, herself a grandmother, and she still thinks about him today, even though he died in 1916. She has told her own sons and her grandchildren all about him. This is what she says:

‘To have an uncle killed when he was a young boy meant that I could never hear actually from him, but know of him only through stories. As a child I grew up listening to my father, grandmother and auntie Florrie (Horace’s sister) speaking at intervals about my uncle Horace. There was a photograph of him on my grandmother's sideboard; there was also, in my grandmother's home a miniature coronation chair that he had carved at school (I now have this chair). He became a distant figure in my imagination.

It was extremely heart touching to see "One Boy" and realise my uncle's story was at long last being told.’

horace iles
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