Remember me - echoes from the lost generations
Second World War

Jack Banks

Jack Banks was from Darwen, in the north of England. He was only sixteen when he died in Normandy in 1944. Sixty years on, Jean his sister, has this to say.

‘Things were never the same after Jack was killed. I don’t think my mother and father ever got over it. I remember Mum collapsed. She never claimed his medals. It was too upsetting – she wanted him back, not those. She was so sure that she could bring Jack’s body home that she had a black vase engraved for his grave. It stood on her sideboard until her death in 1980 and every week she would fill it with fresh flowers in his memory. She asked that all his letters and photographs were buried with her when she died and this we did.

It is nice to know that Jack will be remembered in both schools he attended as the children have been researching all about him. Remembering Jack now, we feel very proud but very sad.’

jack banks
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