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First World War

A fishing community in Newfoundland

NewfoundlandNewfoundland is a large island off the north-east coast of North America, part of the Canadian province ‘Newfoundland and Labrador.’

In August 1914, the outbreak of the First World War, Newfoundland announced that a battalion of 500 men would be raised immediately for service overseas. Within weeks, 880 men had signed up. Of these, 630 men were from St. John’s, the provincial capital. It seems quite remarkable that men from a small fishing community so far away from Europe should be concerned about events that had little bearing on their own lives, but concerned they were. The cost for St. John’s in terms of their young men was devastating.


Enlistment march in Newfoundland

Consider the following map which shows the extent of the involvement of this small town in the action.

Each triangle represents a soldier from these selected downtown streets.


Using statistics

Your task is to use Excel (or another method of your choice) to present the following statistics graphically:

  • The total in each age group and the percentage of that total who enlisted.
  • The number in each age group who enlisted and the percentage of those who died.
  • The percentage of the age group who died.

If you’re not sure how to produce the graphs click here for a Step-By-Step Guide. The example uses data from Glenwood High School so you will need to insert the figures for St.John's.

Look at each age group in turn. What can you say about the connection between the percentage of men who enlisted and the percentage of those who died?

Age group

Total in age group in St. John’s

Number enlisted
in the RNR

Number died

18-22 years




23-27 years




28-33 years








Commemorating the Action

The Noble Bronze Caribou Stag Memorial

The Royal Newfoundland Regiment lost men throughout the war but particularly in five specific actions. Each of these, four in France and one in Belgium, is commemorated by a Caribou Memorial.

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