Remember me - echoes from the lost generations
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Arrange a visit or an interview with:

  • Someone currently serving in the armed forces
  • A member of your local branch of the Royal British Legion

to find out how they feel about the vandalism of memorials and war graves.


Find out exactly what is involved in removing graffiti from stonework. You could contact your local council or a local stonemason (these are often located near cemeteries).


Organise an action group. Monitor your local war graves and memorial. If vandalism occurs then make sure it is reported to the police/local authorities. You could register your feelings about it by writing to the local press as a responsible young citizen.

N.B. Cleaning up graffiti or repairing damage yourself is a kind thought, but there are many health and safety issues and other problems involved. If you would like to help, ask your teacher for details of who to contact.

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