Remember me - echoes from the lost generations

Read Kev and Lisa’s stories

Picture of Kev

I live in the city with my Mum and my little sister. Don’t know where my Dad is. There’s not much to do where I live. I like skateboarding but everywhere me and my mates go we get shouted at.Kevs tag Mostly we just hang around. Lately we’ve taken to brightening up the place with graffiti. You can see my tag here. The other week we climbed over the wall into the churchyard. Dead spooky it was! (Get it?) The gravestones were cool – some for army blokes all white and clean, good for spraying. And no-one to disturb us, or so we thought. We didn’t reckon on nosy parkers and the police were there before we knew it. Mum went ballistic when she found out.

Picture of Lisa  

‘I’m from a small village miles from the town but I get the bus in to school then bunk off after registration with some other girls. Trouble is, we’ve no money so we just wander around the shopping mall. There’s some wicked graffiti there so we thought we’d give it a try somewhere else. We went to the cemetery and in the middle there was this huge cross thing with steps. We had a good go at it with marker pens. But you’ll never guess what - like total nerds we signed our names! Some old geezer took photos and went round all the schools ‘til he found out where we were (or where we should have been if we hadn’t been skiving off) Now we’re up before the Head and our parents have been called in for a meeting. Deep joy.’

What would you do to make sure Kev and Lisa don’t do this again? Choose either one of them and create a programme of activities that will both make up for the distress and work they’ve caused and help them to find different ways of channelling their energy in the future.

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