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Identified Casualties:

Location Information

Boffa is approximately 150 kilometres north west of Conakry on the road to Boke.

Pass the Prefecture in the direction of the old ferry station and begin to go down the hill towards the river. Turn right onto the road/track leading to Boffa's one Catholic church, which is well sign-posted. Pass the church on the left, with the Cures house immediately ahead. The track turns sharp left to skirt the church, then sharp right in front of the new pilgrimage centre under construction. As you turn the corner you see a small Missionary cemetery on the right. Continue past this for about 100m to a junction of tracks in forest/scrubland. Take the right (90 degree) track and you will see another cemetery about another 150 m straight ahead. The grave of R. Anderson is one of the first graves on the left as you enter the cemetery.

Visiting Information

Boffa Cemetery is open Monday-Friday between 06:00 and 18:00.

Historical Information

Boffa Cemetery contains the grave of one Commonwealth merchant seaman of the Second World War.