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Casualty Record Detail
Casualty Record Detail
Casualty Record Detail
Casualty Record Detail
Casualty Record Detail
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United Kingdom
Identified Casualties:

Historical Information

During the First World War Ramsgate was the base of armed drifters and held a Canadian Special Hospital. The town was bombed in March 1916.

Ramsgate and St Lawrence Cemetery contains 101 First World War burials, almost half of them forming a war graves plot. Six of the burials are unidentified. Close to the plot are the graves of 13 men of HMTB'4' killed in an explosion in May 1917.

Ramsgate was a naval station during the Second World War and one of the ports controlling the initial despatch of volunteer vessels for the evacuation of the British Expeditionary Force from Dunkirk in 1940. Nearby Manston aerodrome, a Royal Air Force fighter airfield, was attacked several times during the Battle of Britain and was put out of action for a period. The cemetery was used by the aerodrome and by Ramsgate General Hospital.

Second World War burials in the cemetery number 88, six of them unidentified. Most of these graves form a second plot which also contains eleven German and one Dutch grave.