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Identified Casualties:

Location Information

This is a private cemetery in a garden with trees. It is in the north of Spain, in the uninhabited village of Peña, on its south side. Peña is built on a rock escarpment, with a steep-walled valley below and, according to local history, was a beleaguered fortress village which was never taken by any of its assailants.

The hamlet of Peña is 7 kilometres south of Sangüesa which is situated in a fertile valley on the banks of the river Aragon in the Province of Navarre, 45 kilometres south-east of Pamplona. Sanguesa is reached by Highway No.240. From the No.240 take the NA127 and then the NA5341 to reach Peña. The mountain has an elevation of 1062m and the cemetery is at an approximate height of 850m. The mountain has a wide track which leads to the old village and could be accessible with a 4-wheel drive vehicle in fair weather, but access is normally by foot over a distance of approximately 6 kilometres which ia a steep uphill walk taking approximately one and a half hours. Access from the uninhabitated village is by a short scramble up a 75m slope, with a gradient of approximately 1 in 3. A small path leads to the cemetery.

From Pamplona it is possible to take a bus to Sangüesa, then a taxi to Peña, a distance of 7 kilometres.

Cemetery address: PRIVATE LAND: Torre de Peña, 1 31409 - Peña (Navarra)

GPS Co-ordinates: 42°29'45.43"N; 1°17'51.01"W (In decimals: 42.542568, -1.297309)

Visiting Information

N.B. The cemetery is on private land, as is the hamlet through which visitors must pass. Prior permission for access should be obtained from the land owner; Mrs Maria Luisa Gonzalez de Andia (Torre de Pena 31409 Peña - Navarra).

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