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How to Find a Cemetery

Hereford Cemetery


From this page it is possible to search for our cemeteries and memorials by name, location, war, and even size.

COUNTRY AND LOCATION and WAR are drop down lists from which you can select the desired country OR location OR war you wish to search by.

If you know the name of the location you wish to visit you can enter it into the CEMETERY OR MEMORIAL FIELD. An exact match is not required as, after the first three characters have been entered, you will be presented with a list of possible matches.

For example, typing "BED" will list Bedfont Cemetery, Bedford House etc.

THE NUMBER OF CASUALTIES  field can be used in combination with the above or on its own to search for and find locations both large and small.

Other points to note:
Searches are not case sensitive. Search criteria may be entered in upper, lower or mixed case. Searches are not phonetic.