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Using Wildcards

There are a few cases where certain names and characters may prove difficult to find. If you are having trouble with a particular search you may wish to take advantage of our 'wildcard' function.

By placing an asterisk at either end of the name (or a portion of that name), the search engine will provide you with a range of results containing the text you are searching for - allowing for a slight variation in character spacing, spelling and name order etc.

For example, hyphenated surnames can prove especially tricky.

Searching for a casualty like Noor Inayat-Khan, where the surname is hyphenated, can be accomplished by using an asterisk with a portion of the name:

Enter Inayat*

This will return 135 records which can then be browsed, sorted, or exported.

The results will compensate for any error in spacing and misuse or emission of the hyphen etc.

Please contact us if you require further assistance.