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Following a successful search, you will be presented with a TABLE of results. What you searched for and the number of records returned will be show at the top of the table.

A number of actions are now possible.

1. NEW SEARCH. Not what you were looking for? Clicking the New Search button will take you back to a clear search form.

2. EXPORT your results into a spread sheet.

3. If you are a REGISTERED USER you can SAVE your results.

4. SORT - the tables can be sorted by clicking on the TITLE at the top of each column eg Age.

5. PAGES - either click on the page numbers or the arrows to navigate around the table of results. Clicking the arrows takes you to the LAST page of results.

6. FILTER - the search form on the left of the screen can be used to FILTER results by any category.

7. MORE DETAILS - Clicking on the name of an individual will take you through to the CASUALTY DETAILS PAGE with ALL the information we hold about them, and details of the cemetery or memorial where they are commemorated.