Undivided India: The context

Neuve Chapelle

The CWGC remembers servicemen and women from 'Undivided India' which includes the countries today called Pakistan, Bangladesh, Burma (Myanmar) Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Nepal.

India was once part of the British Empire. The map, dated 1909, shows India's territories at that time.

Nepal provided troops, particularly Gurkhas, to both the Indian and the British armed forces in the First and Second World Wars.

In 1923, Britain recognized the absolute independence of Nepal.

In 1937, Burma became a separate territory, no longer part of India, so those we commemorate from the Second World War served in the Burmese armed forces.

In 1947, East and West Pakistan were born and Bhutan was recognized as an independent country. East Pakistan became Bangladesh in 1971.

In 1948, Ceylon became a self-governing dominion of the Commonwealth. The name Ceylon was changed to Sri Lanka in 1972.

Map outlining India Territories 1909

India's territories, dated 1909

Map outlining India Territories 1909

India and surrounding countries today

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