Letter extract from a Sikh


From a Sikh, wounded and in hospital at Milford, England, to his father in the Punjab - original in Gurmukhi, dated 22nd January, 1915

"Teja Singh and Sundar Singh have been killed by bullets. Ladda Singh has been wounded by a bullet in the leg. My advice to you is that you must not allow any of our people to enlist. For think over this... some of the balls weigh 10 maunds (300 pounds) With one shot we kill 20 or 25 of them and they do the same with us. The big guns fire a ball 20 miles. There are several other matters about which I cannot write... Now I have learnt what kind of thing (military) service is. If I return alive I shall serve you as well as I can. For here there is not one hour's certainty."

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