Letter extract from a Muhammadan of the Punjab


From a Muhammadan of the Punjab serving as a packer in the Indian Base Post Office, Boulogne, to a friend in Rawalpindi - original in Urdu dated 2nd February, 1915

"This country is very cold. But by the grace of God and the bounty of the Government we experience no sort of inconvenience. We get excellent food and excellent clothing. We live in a house...

When one considers this country and those people in comparison with our own country and our own people one cannot but be distressed. Our country is very poor and feeble and its lot is very depressed...

(Here) the children are very pretty and well-mannered. They meet a foreigner in a very pleasant fashion. Here, in front of every house and every shop are fixed great big glass panes as it were doors of glass. I could not help thinking as I walked along the other day that if these were in our country the children would soon put some stones through them."

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