Karamjeet Singh Judge (1923 - 18th March 1945)

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Karamjeet Singh Judge VC

Karamjeet Singh Judge was the son of the Inspector-General of Police, of Kapurthala, India. He served with the 15th Punjab Regiment.

The following details are taken from the London Gazette of 3rd July, 1945, outlining the action that resulted in his death and the awarding of a posthumous VC.

Karamjeet Singh Judge's platoon was engaged in fighting at Myingyan, an important port on the Irrawaddy River.

The river was known, after the Rudyard Kipling poem, as 'The Road To Mandalay.'

It was strategically crucial; Allied troops were transported along it by paddle steamer.

"In Burma on 18th March, 1945, Lieut. Karamjeet Singh Judge commanded a platoon of a company of the 15th Punjab Regiment ordered to capture the Cotton Mill area at Myingyan against stiff enemy resistance from numerous bunkers. Time and again the infantry were held up by heavy fire from bunkers not visible to the tanks.

On every such occasion Lieut. Karamjeet Singh Judge, with complete disregard for his own safety, went forward to re-call the tanks and direct them to these bunkers. In this way ten bunkers were eliminated, and this brilliant and courageous officer in every case led the infantry charges against the bunkers when the tanks had dealt with them.

The Lieutenant was mortally wounded leading a section to clear the last three bunkers, but his men were able to storm the strong point and complete a long and arduous task.

During the battle Lieut. Karamjeet Singh Judge showed cool and calculated bravery; he dominated the entire battlefield by his numerous successive acts of superb gallantry. In three previous and similar actions this young officer had proved himself an outstanding leader. In this, his last, action he gave a superb example of inspiring leadership and matchless courage."

London Gazette of 3rd July, 1945

He is commemorated at Taukkyan Cremation Memorial.

Taukkyan Cremation Memorial
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