Shahamad Khan (1st July 1879 - 28th July 1947)

Memorial and Grave

Shahamad Khan was a Naik in the 89th Punjabis, (now 1st Battalion The Baloch Regiment, Pakistan Army) serving on the Tigris Front in Mesopotamia, when the following deed took place for which he was awarded the VC:

Shahamad Khan "Shahamad Khan was in charge of a machine-gun section 150 yards from the enemy's position, covering a gap in the New Line at Beit Ayeesa, Mesopotamia on 12th/13th April, 1916.

After all his men, apart from two belt-fillers, had become casualties, Shamahad Khan, working the gun single-handed, repelled three counter-attacks. Under extremely heavy fire, he continued to hold the gap, whilst it was being made secure, for three hours.

When his gun was disabled by enemy fire, he and the two belt-fillers continued to hold the ground with their rifles until they were ordered to retire.

Along with the three men who were sent to his assistance, he brought back to his own lines, his gun, ammunition and a severely wounded man. Eventually he returned to remove all remaining arms and equipment, except for two shovels. But for his action, the line would undoubtedly have been penetrated by the enemy."

He later achieved the rank of Subedar.

Shahamad Khan was not the only member of the 89th Punjabis to receive a gallantry award.

1-89th Punjabis 1917
Gallantry Award recipients of 89th Punjabis, including Shahamad Khan with Lt Col NM Geoghegan, DSO, Nowshera, 1917

A Punjabi Muslim from Rawalpindi in Pakistan, Shahamad Khan is buried in his ancestral village of Takhti.

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