Gravestones and Flowers

1,105,000 troops from Undivided India served overseas in the First World War

By the end of the Second World War, Undivided India had provided the largest volunteer force in history, comprising over 2,500,000 servicemen and women

161,219 troops from Undivided India who sacrificed their lives in the two world wars are commemorated by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission

They will always be honoured, never forgotten.

26,272 of these are identified burials with their own headstones

134, 947 are commemorated on memorials - the names of those known to have died whose bodies have not been found or those who were cremated, according to their religious beliefs.

Each life and death is a story that deserves to be told.

Here are the stories of just a few of them and the battles in which they fought, the battles in which so many of them died.


The contribution of Undivided India in the two world wars is a massive subject. Contained in this website are examples of that contribution. It is not a comprehensive account. There is no intention to underestimate the part played by those whose stories are not recorded here.

In addition, this site has been created to focus on the men and women of Undivided India. In many of the stories, other British or Commonwealth troops fought alongside them. Omitting mention of these, again, is absolutely not intended to undervalue their service, courage and sacrifice.

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