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Latest Cemetery Information



The Menenstraat (road running from the market square to the Menin Gate) will be closed for traffic due to road works from 12 November till the end of the year. It will however be possible for pedestrians and wheel chair users to get to the memorial via the Menenstraat.

At the time when they re-surface the road (which will only take 2 days) pedestrians and wheelchair users will only be able to approach the memorial via the Frenchlaan or the Hoornwerk.

Cars and busses will need to approach the memorial via the Frenchlaan or the Hoornwerk until the works are finished.



After 11 November 2015, work will start on Bay 10 (replacement of 16 engraved panels) of the Arras Memorial. Bay 10 will be closed to the public as from 12-13 November 2015 for a period of 4 weeks to erect the scaffolding and to carry out the necessary remedial works.

Similarly we will start the re-engraving of Bays 6 and 7 on the 6th of January for a period of two months until the end of February 2016. The area will be closed to the public during this work. A temporary register box will be put up at the central entrance behind the Cross of Sacrifice during this period.

See the layout of the restricted zones.



There are 26 war graves in this churchyard arranged in 4 neat rows in the North East corner of the churchyard.

Unfortunately there is a dangerous tree on the churchyard boundary adjacent to the war graves and so maintenance visits are temporarily disrupted to this group of graves. We are discussing the matter with the church in an attempt to make the area safe for all as soon as possible. In the meantime visitors are advised to seek guidance before entering the affected area.



In order to tackle an infestation of Phaeolus schweinitzii, a large-scale tree removal will be carried out in the South East corner of the cemetery. The areas affected are on the South boundary adjacent to the French plot and in the woodland between the RAF plot and Military Annex.

From 23 November, for approximately 1 month, the use of perimeter road and south eastern gate will be restricted. Access to the burial areas on the plots is likely to be disrupted for short periods of time. Visits can be accommodated but visitors are asked to contact us before entering into a cordoned off area.

A.I.F. Burial Ground, Flers


Heavy rainfall has caused some flooding at the front of, and inside, A.I.F. Burial Ground, Flers. A significant amount of mud from the neighboring fields still has to be cleared away. Please be aware that access will be difficult and it may be better to visit at a later date.



There has been extensive damage to the boundary wall and the grounds of this cemetery caused by the recent heavy storms and floods. Due to safety considerations, the site is inaccessible and will remain so until further notice.



Following violent storms and severe flooding in Freetown Sierra Leone on the 17th of September, the Commission's King Tom Cemetery sustained severe damage to the sea wall. No burials have been affected and works are in preparation to safeguard the site from any further damage. As a consequence the cemetery will be closed to members of the public until further notice.