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Jhansi (Lynchgate) Cantonment Cemetery

Jhansi (Lynchgate) Cantonment Cemetery

01 January 2012

88 year old Mrs. M.R. Cantem, better known as Peggy or Aunty Peggy, is one of the most popular figures in Jhansi today. She was all set to migrate to the UK but when her husband passed away in 1986, she changed her mind and stayed to work with the local community. 

In 2004, Peggy decided to restore the Jhansi Lynchgate Cemetery, which along with 62 Commission cantonment graves, has graves dating back to the era of the Sepoy Mutiny in 1857.  The Cemetery had long been abandoned, as access was almost impossible, and was filled with snakes and other pests and covered with shrubs and weeds. Peggy's involvement has help restore the cemetery to its original condition.

The Commission is currently reinstating the original graves in 131 burial sites across India.  Jhansi Lynchgate Cemetery is one of these cemeteries and is now almost completely restored; with the other sites in different stages of completion.

The photograph above shows Peggy and Commission staff during a visit earlier this month.