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CWGC team tackles graffiti in Leeds Cemetery

03 October 2012

 A Commonwealth War Graves Commission works team has gone into Leeds (Hunslet New) Cemetery to take on a three-day job to clean graffiti from the Cross of Sacrifice. 

Vandals have painted noughts and crosses on the Cross in heavy duty silver paint and a specialist team of CWGC masons is required to get rid of it.

The works supervisor Steve Nellany said the job would cost up to £400. Normally, the local authority would clean the Cross but the vandals' paint was so stubborn that the usual pressure cleaning wasn't working.

"Unfortunately this is not a rare occurrence," Steve said. "Noughts and crosses make a change from the type of obscene language that appears three or four times a year.

"The trouble this time is that it's proving much harder to remove so it'll take our works team up to three days to get rid of it."

Once the Cross of Sacrifice has been restored to its proper condition, a special anti-graffiti coating will be applied to the Cross to reduce its adhesiveness. This will make any future graffiti easier to remove.

(Photograph courtesy of the Yorkshire Evening Post)