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Veterans Return to El Alamein 70 Years On

22 October 2012

Veterans of the Battle of El Alamein came together for a memorial ceremony on 20 October to mark the 70th anniversary. The service was held at El Alamein War Cemetery which contains 7,240 Commonwealth burials of the Second World War.

It was attended by our Vice-Chairman Sir Alistair Irwin and 92 year old Peter Watson, a veteran of the Black Watch and the North Africa Campaign, who are pictured laying a wreath.

The Battle of El Alamein, 23 October - 4 November 1942, is the most famous event of the North Africa Campaign and was one of the decisive battles of history. It was the culmination of a campaign in which the Eighth Army and the Desert Air Force had fought as one, their flanks and supply routes guarded, and those of the enemy harassed, by the Navy, and their supplies brought to them by the Merchant Navy. The victory led to the final expulsion of the Axis Forces from North Africa in April 1943..