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Fareham College students back for another year

16 October 2012

Students on the Uniformed Services Course at Fareham Tertiary College are back and volunteering in our UK cemeteries for the second year in a row.
Last year's group volunteered at a number of cemeteries across the South East, demonstrating great drive and determination across a variety of projects.
This year's students have been split into two groups of 15, to allow them to alternate between their college work and practical hands-on experience.
This week they have been assisting with a renovation project at Brookwood Military Cemetery, where they managed to move 35 tonnes of topsoil in a day -- beating the previous week's total by five tonnes!
The groups are led by Bernie Doran, our Head Gardener in the South East.
The students will have the chance both to learn about the CWGC as an organisation and to research the stories of individual casualties.
A photo album of their work can be found here via our Facebook page.