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Glasnevin (or Prospect) Cemetery work nears completion

26 October 2012

A major project to erect over 200 headstones in Glasnevin (or Prospect) Cemetery is nearing completion.

There are 207 war casualties buried in Glasnevin (or Prospect) Cemetery but, prior to 2010, their graves have not been marked by the Commission.

The casualties are commemorated on two screen walls, one for each war.

In 2008, the Commission and the Glasnevin Trust, who oversee the cemetery, agreed that, where possible, each individual grave would also be marked.

The war graves in Glasnevin (or Prospect) Cemetery fall under two categories:

Unpurchased graves were not purchased by the family of the casualty buried there. The graves therefore remained unmarked and the property of the Glasnevin Trust.

The trust gave the Commission permission to mark each grave and, to date, 80 of the 85 unpurchased graves have now received Commission headstones.

Purchased graves were bought and are therefore not owned by the Glasnevin Trust.

There is no automatic right to mark these graves, so the project was given media coverage to inform members of the public of the intention to do so, unless the family or grave owners objected.

It is hoped that all headstones will be erected by 9 November, weather permitting.

As part of the plan to develop the cemetery, the two screen walls have also been moved to a more prominent place within the cemetery.