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Renovation work at Nottingham General Cemetery

24 October 2012

Renovation work is underway at Nottingham General Cemetery, including the re-engraving of 10 of the panels on the screen wall memorial.

The renovation is part of a new sustainability program, where panels on screen walls are re-engraved rather than replaced. This significantly reduces the environmental impact of the renovation work, due to the fact that no new stone is used.

Nottingham General Cemetery is the second cemetery in the United Kingdom to be renovated under the new programme.

The work has sparked interest from nearby Nottingham Trent University, with a lecturer from the Waverley School of Architecture, Design and the Built Environment, pledging to bring a group of students to the site to find out more about the work that's going on.

The work will continue for the next four weeks and will also include the re-bronzing and jet washing of the screen wall and other features.

 The site is still open to the public but access to some areas of the memorial may sometimes be restricted as the work is carried out.