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Who are you remembering?

07 November 2012

We are keeping all those Commonwealth servicemen and women who died in our thoughts this Remembrance week but who are you remembering and why?

Throughout the week, we're asking for your personal stories of remembrance. Whether it's a relative, your neighbour or a complete stranger - we'd love to hear from you. If you have an interesting story or just want to share your thoughts with others, you can do so by simply uploading  your stories and pictures to our Facebook page or Twitter (@CWGC) using #remember.

Our Education Consultant, Caroline Coxon, explains who she will be remembering.

"Ussher Kilner was my Great-Uncle and an architect. In the First World War he served with The Artists' Rifles in Salonika. In 1916 he was leading a charge against 'the Bulgars.' He was hit in the side and died a few days later from his wounds. I remember him particularly because I'm in proud possession of all our family letters, including some he wrote from the front - one in particular asking his sisters not to send over any more blackcurrant jam because he couldn't see the flies when they landed in it! My grandmother wrote this to my Great-Aunt Dora, after Ussher was killed: "On the Saturday night, the day evidently Ussher died, I had a most vivid vision of him as I was saying my prayers. So vivid was it I asked Leonard to pray for him, as I was convinced something was wrong - I was expecting news of him the whole week." He's buried in Struma Cemetery and it is a long-held ambition of mine one day to visit his grave to lay flowers there."

Here is another example from our Facebook follower Joanne Dumas Peterson from Canada.

"Thinking about all those who served, and especially those who gave their lives, so that we could live in freedom. Special thoughts of my husband's grandfather who served in WWI and my father and his two brothers (one who died in the line of duty) who served in WWII."