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CWGC completes work in Scotland

11 December 2012

There are more than 170,000 Commonwealth War Graves in the United Kingdom and, of these, 20,000 are found in Scotland.

Scotland was an important centre for both training and operational units during both world wars and war graves are to be found at over 1,200 locations. Many of these locations are remote and difficult to access - with 75% of cemeteries containing fewer than 10 casualties.

Following a general inspection in 2011, several of these plots were highlighted as falling below the Commission's high standards of maintenance. Work to renovate the plots quickly got under way and a number of projects are now nearing completion.

Our UK staff have worked with local contractors and councils to renovate plots in Campbeltown, Stornaway and Ashaig on Skye.

At Campbeltown (Kilkerran) Cemetery, the old turf was removed and the entire cemetery re-levelled. A headstone border was also introduced and planted with mixed heathers. The planting is currently covered with a protective cloche to prevent damage from rabbits and deer. The cloche will be removed when the plants are more established.

A full horticultural renovation was also carried out at Kilbride Cemetery Arran, following the renewal of the foundation beam in which the headstones sit.

Plans are already in place for further renovation projects to take place  next Spring.