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Renovation of war graves plot at Trowbridge Cemetery

19 December 2012

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission has completed a full renovation of the war graves plot at Trowbridge Cemetery, Wiltshire.  

The plot, which contains 19 burials from the two world wars, was completely re-turfed, with new headstone borders also dug and planted.

The CWGC worked with Wiltshire Council to ensure that the work was completed as quickly and  efficiently as possible, with no disturbance to any planned  services or burials at the cemetery.

Wiltshire Council described the renovation as a lovely tribute to the people from the Trowbridge area who gave their lives in the two world wars.

The work - which was part of a bigger project following a general inspection in 2011 of all CWGC sites in the United Kingdom - was completed within two days.

Trowbridge Cemetery will also receive a CWGC sign that indicates that there are Commonwealth war graves within the cemetery.

The sign at Trowbridge is one of a number being put up by the CWGC as part of a project to highlight lesser-known sites containing war graves.