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Commission teams up for Nottingham renovation project

29 March 2012

The Commission has collaborated with Nottingham City Council on a renovation project in Nottingham General Cemetery.

The aim was to transform the city-centre site into a horticultural focal point, suitable as the focus for the upcoming 2014 remembrance commemorations.

Our gardeners, Reg Peachey and Pete Stevens, joined forces with a team from the City Council to level off the ground and carry out hedge work and re-turfing.

Many of the 332 First World war burials in Nottingham General Cemetery were made from the Bagthorpe War Hospital and other war hospitals in the city.

More than 100 of these graves form a war plot, with the names of the dead inscribed on an adjoining Screen Wall.

There are also ten Second World War burials in the cemetery, and one Belgian grave.