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Carl and Malcom help teams divert from H4H rally to visit family graves

03 July 2012

Our Regional Supervisors, Carl Liversage and Malcolm Ross, have completed the Help for Heroes European Rally 2012, acting as the official recovery vehicle for the event.

But the contribution made by the pair went far beyond pulling other vehicles out of the mud.

Carl and Malcolm provided the teams with a huge amount of information on the CWGC and the cemeteries and memorials they were visiting. As a result, the duo were inundated with questions and interest and were able to help a number of groups divert from the route to visit graves of relatives, or sites of special interest.

Carl explained: "Malcolm and I introduced ourselves at the evening camp in Normandy and showed the CWGC DVD and that's when things really took off.

"We had teams wanting to know where particular cemeteries were, could they divert to visit, where was the family member buried within the cemetery etc. With our knowledge, and the aid the CWGC website, we were able to provide all the information.

"People were amazed to find a little 'English garden' at the end of a muddy track in the middle of a farmer's field!"

Click here to see images of the Atha family paying their respects to relative E Gibson at Hottot-Les-Bagues War Cemetery.

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