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CWGC advises on repair to Falklands War Memorial

17 January 2013

The CWGC Works Supervisor UK Area , Martin Power, has advised the Falkland Islands Government on the best way to renovate a panel on the 1982 War Memorial in Port Stanley.

The Memorial is exposed to high winds, rain, snow and hail and the central bronze panel had become badly corroded. The CWGC Director of UK Area, Chris McLean, used to be the Design Engineer for the Falklands Government so he was ideally placed for liaison on the problem. Martin Power advised that the panel should be cleaned, treated with bronzing powder and coated with several layers of wax.   

It's not the only liaison between CWGC and the Falklands Government. Recently with the Government's help the Commission placed a new sign outside Stanley Cemetery informing visitors there are war graves within the cemetery. It's part of a wider project - mostly aimed at burial plots in the UK - to draw attention to lesser known sites where there are war graves. See the previous story here.    

The Commonwealth War Graves in the Falkland Islands are the responsibility of the CWGC Canadian Agency which looks after all the Americas.