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British Army Officer makes second memorial dive to HMS Maori, Malta

15 February 2013

British Army Officer, Captain Ken McIntosh, has made a second memorial dive to the wreck of HMS Maori, Malta.

HMS Maori was a Tribal-class Destroyer in the Mediterranean fleet, sunk in February 1942 by enemy aircraft.  

Captain Macintosh first made the dive in September 2012 when, accompanied by Major Dave Stone, he attached a Royal British Legion Cross to the wreck.

On his second dive, Captain Macintosh discovered that the cross was now almost invisible, due to the amount of marine life that had attached itself to the wood. He managed to replace the cross with a red plastic poppy that is clearly visible under water and can be easily wiped clean by other divers.

Captain McIntosh was accompanied on his second dive by Chris Hazlehurst, a former British Army Officer who now works in Malta as a diving instructor.

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