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Gaza War Cemetery Returns to Former Green Glory

30 May 2013

In 2012, Gaza War Cemetery lost much of its grass and border plants due to a severe water shortage caused by a breakdown of a pump.

The task of replacing the pump proved challenging. After a lengthy period with limited water facilities, a new pump has been installed at the cemetery, where water pressure was dramatically low during 2012.

Cemetery Staff Essam Jeradah (Head Gardener), Ibrahim Jeradah MBE (Night Watchman) and a local contractor installed the new pump and said how delighted they are to have the cemetery looking green and beautiful again.

A technical visit also took place at the cemetery which enabled the Regional Supervisor of the Commission to take some much needed water samples from the recently improved irrigation system.

The cemetery, helped by some good winter rain, is now able to cope with the blistering heat and dry conditions.