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Talbot House Offer Reward for their Lost "Robin"

29 July 2013

In December 1915 two British army chaplains - the Reverends Phillip "Tubby" Clayton and Neville Talbot - opened a soldiers' rest and recreation centre, named Talbot House, in Poperinge, Belgium.

Talbot House was styled as an "Every Man's Club", where all soldiers were welcome, regardless of rank, to enjoy rare moments of peace and entertainment.

Nearly a century on, Talbot House needs your help.

On 15 December 1921, at the now-demolished Grosvenor House in Park Lane, London, a "Round Robin", was signed by all those present, who wished the text on the document to be read aloud once again on the centenary of the opening of Talbot House (also known as Toc H). The original document , was last seen at the Toc H archives in London but now appears lost.  Have you seen it?

If you have any further information concerning the "Round Robin" that could help to retrieve the document, please don't hesitate to contact Talbot House.