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Commission Places Information Panel at Salerno War Cemetery

30 August 2013

The CWGC is to install a high-tech information panel at Salerno War Cemetery in Italy.

The panel will be installed on Tuesday 3 September, just ahead of the 70th anniversary of the Allied landings at Salerno, which took place on 9 September 1943.

The panel is among 500 to be installed at various CWGC locations and is one of the first to have a Second World War focus.

Each of the panels feature information about the site of the cemetery or memorial and its location. Every panel also includes a  QR (Quick Response) code which, when scanned with a smartphone, provides access to further information, including the personal stories of some of the casualties buried or commemorated at that location.    

The QR code at Salerno War Cemetery reveals the stories of three war correspondents killed by a German shell during the Second World War.  It also includes a recording of a directive issued as a result of their deaths, which ordered all war correspondents to remain behind troops.

Additionally, this QR code hosts extracts from the diary of The Rev. Joseph Edward Gough Quinn, who, prior to his time in Italy, saw military service in Belgium, London, Tobruk, Syria and Tunisia.

Finally, the panel's QR code also tells the story of Henry Valerian George Wellesley, the 6th Duke of Wellington and descendent of Arthur Wellington, who commanded British forces at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815.