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Runnymede Memorial

Remembrance shrine to WWII airmen is restored

08 November 2014

Britain's primary memorial to the Royal Air Force casualties of the Second World War, has been restored by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) in time for Remembrance Sunday.

The RAF Memorial to 20,000 airmen who lost their lives was erected in 1949.  Since then, thousands have visited on Remembrance Day and throughout the year, both to pay their respects and to witness one of the most iconic Commission memorials.

The memorial takes the form of a shrine embraced by a cloister, in which the names of the dead are remembered.  Upon entering, through a triple arched opening, there is a poetic tribute to the casualties, hand-engraved on an 8 metre high glass window.

"The 139th Psalm, sometimes called the Airman's Psalm, had been destroyed following vandalism in June but has been sensitively re-glazed and re-engraved this week," said CWGC Director General Victoria Wallace.

"The Commission prioritised the restoration of this important memorial and so we are naturally thrilled to announce its completion in the run-up to Remembrance Day," the Director General added.