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Glory Days

Football Remembered at Christmas

11 December 2014

The famous Christmas Truce, exactly 100 years ago this Christmas, has always been linked with football. Take this opportunity to learn more about football during the two world wars with our Glory Days resource.

Soldiers sing carols in the trenches, then emerge hesitantly into no-man's land to greet one another… and play football. We know that in some parts of the frontline in northern France and Flanders, soldiers fraternised during the days around Christmas in 1914.

After lighting candles and singing carols, hymns, and popular songs, some Commonwealth, French and German soldiers came together with their enemies to share food, drink and cigarettes, swap souvenirs and compare photographs. This has become known as the 'Christmas Truce'.

A handful of soldiers' letters and diaries mention kicking a ball around between the lines. We used these stories, and others, to created an interactive, micro-site to engage pupils in the history of football and the Two world wars.

This interactive resource engages pupils through video and audio clips, animation, primary sources and lesson activities. Glory Days tells some of the footballer's stories and looks at how the CWGC remembers them by recording their details and looking after their graves and memorials.

Click here to access the Glory Days site.