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CWGC Improves Website Casualty Search

29 September 2014

We recently introduced enhancements to our website in order to improve the user experience for those who were not familiar with the CWGC's work or our casualty search facility. We recognised that some users encountered difficulties around querying our records due to the requirement for an exact match against a particular name field in our database.  This resulted in users leaving our site as they assumed that we did not have the information they were seeking.

By introducing a simpler but more forgiving search facility on our website, we had hoped to accommodate searches by both casual and frequent users. Unfortunately we did not meet this expectation. These groups have different and conflicting requirements and we recognise that a single search facility is not able to satisfy all needs. This has now been rectified and the exact match search restored on the advanced search page.  This has taken longer to fix than we would have liked and we would like to apologise to our existing users for the significant difficulties they may have experienced.

We are still rectifying issues around updates to casualties that do not appear on the website - a fix is currently undergoing testing with a view to going live by 13th October. Please bear with us as we wish to be thorough in our testing, to minimise the risk of additional issues following these updates.

We are committed to continually improving our website and listen to all the feedback that we receive. We will act on it where there is a clear benefit to the majority. We are sorry that we cannot always reply individually to feedback but we will provide more regular updates on our website in future.


Will Webster, Head of IT
Sam French, Web Manager